How to lose weight

健康的な食事 自己啓発

I will tell you how to lose weight and stay healthy, which I have been doing for the past 20 years.

Beauty and health are not achieved in a day.

Keep going.

Morning Exercise


Moms are usually very busy when kids are awake.

So, I decided to exercise early in the morning when kids ware still sleeping.

What I chose was exercising on a stationary bike.

It is not a high intensity exercise and not affected by weather.

I did it for about 30 minutes every morning.

It takes at least 20minutes of exercise to burn fat.

So, it’s better to continue exercising for more than 20minutes.

Another reason why I chose a stationary bike is that I can exercise while watching TV and listening to music.

Time goes really fast when watching TV or listening to music.

Reducing Carbohydrate

My favorite foods were rice, bread and noodles in the past.

I didn’t need much meat or fish as long as I had carbs.

I went to the library one day and found something shocking in a book.

It said that carbs are the main causes of weight gain.

I used to think that meat and oily foods were the main causes.

So, this came out of the blue.

At first, it was hard for me to reduce the amount of carbs.

But I’ve gotten used to cutting back on my favorite carbs.

I ate more side dishes which were rich in protein such as Tofu.

Everything will be fine once we get used to it.

Having someone to admire


It doesn’t have to be the opposite sex.

If we have someone to admire, we can imagine what person would do if she or he were me.

For example, we can reduce the amount of food we eat by imagining the person would not eat that much.

We try to be like the person or try to do things the person would like.

In Japanese language, it’s called “oshi”.

It’ good to have “oshi”.

We can control our basic desire by imagining “oshi”.

In the end


These three methods are very simple.

I’ve been doing these for 20years now.

My BMI is 19.

I’m healthier and more active than I used to be.

Slow but steady wins the race.

Continue exercising, good diet and live beautiful life.

Beyond that, there is who you want to be.

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