Miracles Around Us

太陽が輝く空 スピリチュアル

I have been saved by miracles many times when I have had problems or when I was anxious.
This must be the support from God and my ancestors, which cannot be measured by human knowledge.

Miracle in the Form of a Mortgage Loan Approval

My husband and I were trying to get a mortgage to purchase a house.

We had to prepare a lot of documents to submit to the bank in order to do it.

We needed documentation to prove that we had paid our taxes properly.

It would take a lot of time to get those documents together.

We could imagine that we would not be able to meet the deadline that the bank had given us.

The bank’s screening process is very strict, so it was clear that if we could not provide the proper documentation, the loan would not be taken out.

I went to the local shrine where I always go and prayed hard.

I also went to a distant shrine to pray.

Soon a miracle happened.

I was at work when I got a call on my cell phone from a bank representative who told me we didn’t need proof of tax payment.

I couldn’t believe it.

After that, the process went smoothly, and we were approved for a mortgage.


Miracle Solved a Long-Standing Problem

One of my relatives needed medical care.

Here I call that person A.

However, A did not volunteer to receive medical care.

I could not force A to receive it.

One event occurred, and someone advised A to seek medical care.

A then proceeded to receive medical care.

It was an incredible turn of events. Since then, A’s symptoms have gotten better.

When this happened, I was clutching the amulet I had purchased at the shrine and praying hard.

This picture below is the amulet that always helps me.

It is the Dragon God.


Miracles Around Us

If we are aware, we can see that God and our ancestors help us when we need it.

Remember the many miracles that have happened around you.

You are always supported.

Miracles have already happened to you.

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