The Law of the Attraction

家 スピリチュアル

This past year has been a giddy one.

I experienced lot of things I had never experienced before, purchase of land and construction of a house.

That is a major event in every one’s life.

I want to share my experience.

Purchase of land and construction of a new house

Our family has lived in my husband’s company housing for 15years.

My husband turned 46years old and we’ve decided it’s time for us to get a house of our own.

So, I started looking for a house at the end of August.

When I first started looking for a house, I realized that it was very difficult to find the ideal land or house.

I thought it was much easier.

My request was as follows.

①Living close to my parents’ house

②Living near the train station, less than 10minutes walk

③A grocery store in my neighborhood

③A lot larger than 100㎡

I couldn’t find a house or a lot that met the criteria.

About a month passed, I was about to give up a little because I couldn’t find an ideal one even though I looked at internet information every day and I even consulted with real estate agencies.

One day in early October when I was taking a walk, I found a place where I would like to have a house.

I strongly wished to live in the place.

The next day while working in the office, I suddenly searched for a house on the internet.

Then, to my surprise, I found an old house in the very spot of the previous day’s walk.

I immediately called the real estate agency.

My husband and I toured the old house that weekend, and then we decided to purchase the house.

We wanted to live in the old house if we could.

But we found out that remodeling would cost a lot of money anyway,
so we decided to rebuild.

The Law of the Attraction


I had heard of the Law of Attraction.

However, I thought it had nothing to do with me.

Encountering this house made me realize the Law of the Attraction!

I imagined how happy I would be if I could live in the place.

My hobby for a long time was walking.

I stopped by a shrine along the way and always picked up trash on the roads.

God saw what I was doing and brought me this fateful encounter.

Another good encounter

I met a small construction company through the introduction from the real estate agency.

Until then I had been thinking of building a house with a big house builder.

However, after talking to an enthusiastic representative of the small construction company, I decided that I would like to have my house built by this company.

From the day, my husband and I started working with this company.

It’s very exciting.

In the current phase, the old house has just been demolished and a ground investigation has been done.

Construction of a house has not begun yet.

I will continue to keep you updated on the status of the construction as it progresses.

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