Teeth Whitening

歯のホワイトニング 自己啓発

The beauty of teeth is very important for overall beauty.

I’ve been trying teeth whitening my teeth for the last few months.

I got the ideal mouth now.

I can’t fake it with makeup.

I’ve always been concerned about my mouth.

My teeth were not white enough.

Even if I put makeup and lipstick, I didn’t look good because of my teeth.

Since I started wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt safe because I could hide my mouth with a mask.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has calmed down and various restrictions have been removed since May 8.

For the day I take off the mask, I decided to whiten my teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening

There are two methods of whitening: one is home whitening, which I do myself at home with a gel and a mouthpiece; and office whitening, in which light is applied at a dental office.

First, I tried home whitening.

I had a mouthpiece made at my dentist’s office and purchased a total of 8 gels.

Every night I put the gel on the inside of the mouthpiece and put that on my mouth for two hours.

The gel is applied to only the middle ten of each of upper and lower teeth.

Teeth in the back don’t need whitening because people can’t see them.

It was difficult to apply the gel evenly before I got used to it.

But I soon learned to do it.

For the first 10 days or so, I didn’t feel like my teeth got much whiter.

However, they gradually became whiter, and the unevenness of the color disappeared.

I was starting to enjoy looking in the mirror.

Office Teeth Whitening

Two months after I started home whitening, I tried office whitening.

At the dental office, I got my teeth cleaned at first.

The dental hygienist polished the surface of my teeth and took tartar.

Then she applied the gel to the surface of my teeth and shined a light on them.

In total, the teeth were exposed to the light for 20 minutes.

They are much whiter now.

The cost was well worth the effect.


The cost of the few months was approx. ¥50,000.

It was worth the effect.

There are various basic cosmetics and beauty products.

But teeth whitening has obvious results compared to other things.

If you want to stay more beautiful, it’s worth trying it .

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