Panel Exhibition on Animal Issues in Hyogo, Japan

動物愛がを訴えるパネル展示 イベント

I would like to introduce a panel exhibition on animal issues held in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Panel Exhibition on Animal Issues

May 5, 2023, Panel Exhibition on animal issues was held on a deck near Kawanishi Noseguchi Station, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

This exhibition has been held by Protect Animal; an animal welfare organization led by Yuka Takamura.

This time I was there to help with that.

Japan has series of national holidays during this time of year called Golden Week.

Many people are off work and children are off school.

A lot of people came and went on this deck.

Some people were interested in the panels and stopped to look at them.

And a few of them put their donations in the box.

The number of the cats killed at health centers was 11,718 and the of dogs was 2,739 in 2021.


According to the Ministry of the Environment, the number of the cats killed at public health centers was 11,718 and that of dogs was 2,739 in 2021.

These are a lot.

However, the number of animals killed has been decreasing in recent years due to the efforts of public health centers and animal welfare organizations.

Further efforts are still needed to reduce this number even more.

Most of the animals killed are stray cats.

Therefore, reducing the number of stray cats is really important.

Protect Animal has been helping stray cats.

The organization rescues newborn kittens and raises them until they find homes.

It also promotes T.N.R Activities, which means trapping, neutering and releasing.

If stray cats don’t have babies and live only one generation, fewer will be killed.

Recently, some local governments have been subsidizing money for T.N.R Activities.

Against fur and animal testing


Fur and animal testing are so cruel.

We are unaware of cruelty of them, and purchase products associated with them.

The first step is to know.

Ignorance is the worst thing of all.

Be concerned about animal issues.

They are always good friends of human beings.

Let’s offer helping hands to vulnerable animals who have done nothing wrong.

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