Takatsuki Jazz Street 2023 in Osaka, Japan

ジャズストリートの写真 イベント

Takatsuki Jazz Street 2023 was held in May 3 and 4 in Takatsuki city, Osaka, Japan.

One of the largest handmade music events in Japan


Takatsuki Jazz Street started in 1999.

This year is 25th time.

This is one of the largest handmade music fests in Japan.

The Concept of this Jazz Fest

The idea “We want to make this city a fun town full of music.” is the fundamental concept.

Street corners, stores and restaurants become the venue for the concerts.

The city is decorated with music.

Admission is free at all venues.

As many as 761 groups performed.

I was impressed by their outstanding performance skills and sense of style.

At this very moment, the city of Takatsuki is so stylish.

Many people come to Takatsuki from near and also far.

I have never been prouder of my hometown Takatsuki.

May more events during this jazz fest


We can look for bargains at the flea market, indulge in delicious food at the food stalls.

I bought three pieces of vintage clothing and a bag at the market.

I thought I came here to listen to music, but I’m glad I came across something nice like these.

People were walking while eating and drinking.

There is an open atmosphere throughout the town.

There is also a place called Art Forest, where many artists provide their artwork to visitors.

There are glass accessories, fabrics, oil paintings, wool felt works and many more.

It’s fun to find something we love while enjoying the conversation with artists.

My wish

Takatsuki Jazz Street is run by volunteers, ranging from young people to senior citizens.

And it’s supported by donations from visitors to the event, businesses and stores in the city.

I’m proud of this heartwarming handmade music event held in my hometown.

Every year I visit this event with my loved people, this time with my sister and niece, last time with my best friend.

I hope this will last forever and I’ll come with my loved ones.

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