The Age of the Wind

空を飛ぶ凧 スピリチュアル

The times moved from the earth to the wind.

The realization of our dreams will accelerate.

Let the current of this age push us to become the person we want to be.

The Age of the Earth

The age of the earth, which began about 220 years ago, was a material-oriented age.

Education, jobs, money and other tangible things have been considered important.

People have worked hard to get a good education, to get into a big company and to make money all their lives.

The Age of the Wind

The Age of the Wind started on March 24, 2023.

In that age, what is invisible, what has no form, becomes important as the wind is invisible and has no form.

So individuality, creativity, information, communication, and flexibility are important.

It’s a time to shift from a way of life thai is tied to old stereotypes and materials to a way of life that is free from being tied to anything or anyone.

Living in the Age of the Wind

The way to live in the Age of the Wind, where invisible things are important, is to let go.

In the Age of the Earth, successful people were those who owned money ,properties and other materials.

However, in the Age of the Wind, people who are not attached to those kinds of things will succeed.

We will have to let go of our stereotypes and materials.


Unlike the Age of the Earth, in the Age of the Wind, we will be able to live freely in works, marriage and etc.

We might be able to work remotely and work with our individuality and creativity.

There might be no need for commuting or working at a specific location.

More and more people might be saying “I don’t care about joining a registry” and the number of “unconventional couples ” might increase.

Relationships that are truly heartfelt will be established.

In the End

I have lived my life in the very Age of the Earth.

I had studied hard to get into a good university and obtained difficult qualifications, and have a stable job.

But I decided to adapt to the Age of the Wind, where I will live more freely and joyfully.

Before I never thought of blogging.

But now I want to share my thoughts with many people through my blog.

It’s truly the influence of the Age of the Wind.

I’m going to do what I want to do.

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